All Crossfox clothing is available exclusively here in roughly monthly collections. All items are ready to ship and available on a first come first serve basis. If items are currently sold out another collection is on the way. Release dates are announced here and on Instagram. All clothing is personally handmade by the artist. Thank you for your support!


Emilie first began designing under the name "Crossfox" in 2009, eventually expanding to an online presence in 2011. Crossfox was borne of the desire to create items that were not available anywhere else at the time. Well-built clothing with a classic yet adventurous feel in sinfully soft fabrics built around flattering princess seams, ground breaking pocket leggings and dimensional earthy, mottled tones  (and anything *without* cliche patterns or prints or cartoonish detailing/colors) did not exist in the handmade market previously.

Along came Crossfox.

The visible mark we have made on the handmade clothing community is a striking testament to our level of vision, innovation, originality, quality, customer service and overall cult-favorite status of Crossfox. If you've managed to stumble across this page rest assured you have found the well-spring.

Crossfox does not follow trends, it creates them.



Emilie draws her design inspiration from folklore, history and travel, combined with functional modernized features. Every design is field tested before it is released. 

Each piece is designed for a personal, artistic reason. Avoiding trends and generally ignoring what everyone else is doing, Emilie turns inwards when designing a new piece, drawing from the heart and from her deep inner caverns of inspiration and vision. It may be inspired by an ancestor, a trip to a museum, landmark, historical period, foreign country or perhaps to fill a tangible wardrobe need. Emilie approaches creating clothing in the same way she would a painting. Not a product.


We source only the finest natural fiber fabrics, with a focus on extremely comfortable long-wearing materials with gorgeous drape, including many organics. Nothing wears better than natural fibers. All designs herein are completely original, like the authentic women they are made for.  

  This clothing exists to enable fantasy while serving you well in everyday settings.  

 A "cross fox" is an unusual color phase of the North American red fox.

   Thank you so much for all of your support!



B&W Photos: Ryan Michael White