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 Emilie Bosworth-Clemens first began designing under the name "Crossfox" in 2009, eventually expanding to an online presence in 2011. Since it's emergence, her striking combination of the softest, finest quality, eco friendly and heritage fabrics, flattering lines, historical feels, pockets everywhere and mottled earthy hand dyed hues quietly took the eco friendly slow fashion community by storm. 

Only the finest natural fiber and heritage fabrics are sourced, with a focus on extremely comfortable long-wearing materials with gorgeous drape, including many organics. Nothing wears better than natural fibers. All designs herein are completely original, like the strong, authentic women they are made for.  

 A "cross fox" is an unusual color phase of the North American red fox with a coat sporting a mottled coloration similar to the dyes used here. With little else to do growing up rural Vermont, Emilie spent her days obsessively tracking and studying foxes from an early age.


Emilie approaches creating clothing with true artistic passion- the same way she would get lost in the often confusing and magical experience of creating a painting, not a cut and dry product. With a background in fine art and a BFA in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design (2005), her exhaustive study of capturing the human form has morphed from 2D to 3D, but retained an innate understanding of the energetic gestures and lines encapsulated in our anatomy, and distilled into a functional and enjoyable art object with everyday purpose. See some of Emilie's other works here.

By design, Crossfox does not heed or follow trends. Emilie draws her inspiration from ancestor work, folklore, history and travel, combined with a modern, practical, earth-bound perspective. Through this is formed a unique point of view which does not scream for attention, but rather it speaks to capability, quality, subtlety, inner strength & resilience ..and sometimes a bit of an enigma. With deep roots in New England, and ancestors who fought in the French and Indian, American Revolution and Civil wars respectively,  many of her pieces are an offshoot of her personal ancestor and spiritual work and this has had an important role in the creative vision and evolution of Crossfox. ✨

  This clothing exists to enable fantasy while serving you well in everyday settings.  

 A pioneer in her field with 10+ years experience and clients including Kat Von D, Malin Akerman and Chelsea Wolfe, Crossfox has many groundbreaking "firsts" under its belt, such as our rabidly popular bamboo fleece pocket leggings, a time tested favorite. Every design is rigorously field tested before it ever reaches the shop, and continuously updated and improved over the years to ensure the best quality, durability and functionality possible in every garment.

There is no shortcut to quality.




 Thank you so much for all of your support!



 Gothic Beauty Magazine Issue 48




Jennifer Bierman - My true earth angel, who's behind the scenes help is the glue that holds Crossfox together.

Zoe Collins - The master.  Thank you for taking me on as an apprentice so long ago and imparting your decades of experience and knowledge concerning  garment construction, the nitty gritty details of running and maintaining a shop and the garment industry at large, which has been a huge advantage.

IATSE Studio Mechanics Local 489 - Thank you for employing me for many years, and keeping things interesting- from spending 3 days 1/2 a mile underground in a coal mine to learning how to age and distress any material ..and maybe trying on movie stars shoes once or twice.. this work added so much to my creative problem solving skills, brought out my work ethic and allowed me to invest in my sewing machines.

LH, JL, CF, CW and RM - For always being there through thick and thin.



Photos: Ryan Michael White