Crossfox LLC carries the following shop policies. It is the customers responsibility to read these policies and item descriptions and note production times BEFORE purchasing. By purchasing from this shop you are agreeing to the following policies.



  •  Customers may exchange items for store credit ONLY. To return an item: please contact us stating you would like to make a return. All return arrangements must be made within 5 DAYS of delivery. We will contact you with a return shipping address. Items must then be dispatched to us within another 5 days of informing us of the return, in unworn like-new condition, I.E. tried on for size only. 


  •  I take great pride in my work: In the rare event that you receive a flawed or defective piece I will replace, repair or issue store credit on a case-by-case basis. Flaws must be reported within one month of delivery to be considered our responsibility.


  • If an item is returned to us for credit in obviously worn or otherwise poor condition (signs of wear, odors, stains of any kind, pet hair, smoke etc) it will not be accepted and returned to you.

  • Customer is responsible for shipping both ways. We will not accept returns of any items after 5 days from delivery/postmarked after 5 days from contacting us.  

  • No returns whatsoever on sale items or underwear.




  • Items will be shipped within 1-4 business days. You will be sent a confirmation email with tracking info once it ships.

  • Customers are responsible for providing correct shipping information. We cannot be responsible for orders shipped to the wrong address.  


  • Notification of a correction or update to your shipping address MUST be received via our dedicated contact email address in order to be seen. Facebook or Instagram comments are not an an acceptable way to contact us. Failure to notify us properly will be considered the fault of the customer so please be sure to email us.

  • International customers will be responsible for customs fees where applicable. Please do not ask us to reduce the stated value of your package etc, as this is mail fraud. 


  • I am not responsible for items lost, stolen or damaged in shipping or after they are delivered. All packages will require a signature to ensure they are not stolen.


    Care Instructions

    •  I am not responsible for items damaged due to mistreatment in care or wear. I do not offer mending or dying services. Please do not tear open your jacket snaps like a 90's track suit or slide on your bum down a hill in your leggings or mistake them for carharts. Avoid placing sharp objects (knives, scissors etc) in soft fleece pockets as they may pierce the fabric. Treat your clothes with love and they will last for years! I still have clothing from 2012 out there going strong and field test all my designs on myself and my maniac friends to come up with the most durable designs/materials I possibly can.


    • Color variation and mottling in the dye job is not considered a defect, but instead part of what makes this clothing unique. Please understand this is not commercially manufactured clothing.  All colors will mellow with time. Some dyes claim to be fade-proof but in our experience there is little truth to these claims. In order to give your clothing the longest life you may opt to hand wash your clothes with a natural PH neutral detergent. Machine washing/drying is ok for pieces that are not explicitly labeled "hand wash only" when you receive them, but keep in mind machines are rougher on clothing.


    • For best appearance I highly recommend ironing your pieces after washing on details such as hoods, yolks and especially brims. Starch or other sizing is recommended for an extra crisp brim. To iron a brim set iron to med/high heat and press for several seconds. Add sizing if desired and repeat. allow to dry on a cool, flat surface for a few minutes to set before wearing.



    Additional Policies


    • Items cannot be placed on hold, paid for in installments and sorry, no pre-orders. 


    • I reserve the right to cancel any order at any time and refuse future orders for any reason including but not limited to: Fraud/attempted fraud, asking me to break my policies, being in any way rude or demanding etc.


    • I also reserve the right to refuse sales to anyone who I observe to be stealing my or other artists intellectual property. Not cool.


    • Shopping here is a privilege, not a right. I want my work to go to people who actually appreciate it and aren't jerks. My art, my shop, my rules. :)


    • If you dont see it in the shop, it's not currently available. We are unable to create items upon special request.


    • Sorry, I do not take custom orders of any kind. No custom sizing, no exceptions. Customers are responsible for having garments tailored after delivery in instances of special sizing needs. If you are unsure if an item will fit, size up and have it tailored for you locally. 


    • No refunds will be issued, all sales final.  In the rare event that you receive a flawed piece we will replace, repair or issue store credit on a case-by-case basis. Flaws must be reported within one month of delivery to be considered our responsibility.


    • All sales are final on sale items and underwear. Sorry, no exchanges or returns so please consult our size chart and ask questions if need be.  


    • Write your own policies and descriptions for your shop instead of copying like an uncreative lemming.


    • Purchase of any Crossfox product does not relinquish copyright ownership of Crossfox intellectual property. We do not sell our patterns and our designs may not be reproduced for any purpose. We hold exclusive rights to all of our designs and will take legal action against copyright infringement. 




    Thank you for reading!