CROSSFOX: Sizing and Info

  Measure chest and hips at widest point. Measure waist at the narrowest point.  Please note, Crossfox does not offer custom sizing. In cases of difficult fitting it is recommended to size up and have pieces tailored to your needs locally.


Chest 30-31, Waist 23-25, Hips 31-34


Chest 33-35, Waist 26-28, Hips 35-37


Chest 36-38, Waist 29-31, Hips 38-40


Chest 39-41, Waist 32-34, Hips 41-43


If you're new here or haven't found your size yet, here are some sizing tips for our leggings.
  • Don't downsize!! Natural fibers do not hold up as well as synthetic when it comes to sizing down and our leggings are not intended for use as compression wear. If you get pinholes at your seams, they are definitely too snug. Leggings that fit correctly will last for years without issues. 
  • Use your LARGEST measurement to find your size. When in doubt, choose a larger size. 
  • Some variation in fit from garment to garment is TO BE EXPECTED. I do not change my patterns from batch to batch, but there are many variables at play. These are hand sewn items made of natural fiber fabrics. Rates of shrinkage, as well as stretch ratio can vary from batch to batch of fabric. Exact measurements of garments can also vary.
The 3 photos shown below are the exact same pair of leggings in different lighting situations! Yes, really! Due to the nature of our dyes, different lighting can make your garment appear VASTLY different in various settings. If something arrives not as expected, try looking at it in different lighting. It's not a flaw, you get at least 3 colors in one! Please kindly keep an open mind when ordering.